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The Missing Lecture Series

We host The Missing Lecture Series as part of our refusal of the silencing of academic voices, in response to the blatant and authoritarian suppression of discussion and exchange of ideas in Indian universities

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On 15 June 2021, we published a statement denouncing Hindutva’s assault on academic freedom at the Manipal Association of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, India. In May, Professor Deepa Kumar, a faculty member at the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University, USA, was due to record a Tedx talk on Islamophobia, her area of expertise, for MAHE Manipal, India. The recording was to be played on 30 May, followed by discussion and Q&A session with MAHE students. The students had talk was organized following guidelines set by Tedx. However, as soon as the talk was advertised, a Hindu right-wing campaign was launched, vilifying Dr Kumar and demanding that the invitation to speak be withdrawn. Within twenty-four hours, the Vice Chancellor of MAHE cancelled the talk. InSAF India and India Civil Watch International have collaborated to provide an online safe-space platform for the event. For our full statement read our blog post here.










Islamophobia is Anti-Muslim Racism 


Monday, 13 September 2021

9:30am New York | 2:30pm UK | 7pm India

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  • September 11, 2021 marks twenty years of the Global War on Terror.

  • In response to the attacks on the twin towers, the US launched a "forever war" to advance its imperial interests around the world.

  • The result has been that tens of millions have been displaced by US wars and hundreds of thousands killed. Islamophobia or anti-Muslim racism served to justify these levels of violence and the attacks on civil rights and civil liberties.

  • Various nations from France, the UK, India, China and Myanmar have capitalized on the War on Terror brand to further their own domestic and regional agendas.

In this talk, Professor Deepa Kumar will outline how anti-Muslim works and how Muslims and those who "look Muslim" have been turned into racialized subjects upon whom violence.


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Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire by Deepa Kumar is published by Verso Books.


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Co-hosts for the above webinars include Ambedkar King Study Circle (California), India Civil Watch International, British Association for South Asian StudiesScholars At Risk, the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA), University of Amsterdam, The Forum on Education in Asia (UCL), and the SIU University Honors Program

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