InSAF India to participate in EU India People's Summit

Updated: May 1

The People’s Summit is a non-partisan and non-bureaucratic event leading up to the official EU-India Summit. The People’s Summit is free of cost and accessible to all. Learn more about the Summit:

While India reels under the Covid-19 crisis that is clearly the result of governance failure, the state led by Narendra Modi continues to harbour the ambition to be a global player in the "knowledge industry" – how does this measure against its actual investments in equitable access to education in the country? Join us on May 6 at the People's Summit for our event

"Critically Appraising India’s Education Policy 2020"

Dr Laila Kadiwal and Dr Sruti Bala will host this discussion with our distinguished panellists

Dr Anita Rampal, Dr Mohammed Abdul Kalam, and Shreya Khaitan.

Register here:

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